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Smash Redesign: Fire Emblem Part 2: The Swordmaster

Authors note: This is part of a running series about redesigning the fire emblem characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While you don't need to have seen all of the different redesigns, reading the first one: Smash Redesign: Fire Emblem Part 1: Solving The Issues is recommended.

The Swordmaster template. The original template from Super Smash Bros Melee. Ever since Marth's first appearance in Melee, there have been a multitude of different Fire Emblem characters added to Smash Bros, much to the dismay of fans all around the world.

Obviously, just adding more Fire Emblem characters will no longer be seen as something good or liked anymore. It's time to stop the Fire Emblem characters being added all together. But what does that mean for Sakuri and his love of the game franchise? Does it mean that he can't be creative or add characters from Fire Emblem ever again? I believe I have a solution.

by making a template for Fire Emblem characters to be put on, there is actually no limit to how many Fire Emblem characters you can add. By doing this, there will not be extreme dismay to Fans while allowing Sakuri do add whomever he wants to add from that game series. Simply put, we will make Marth and his moveset a template and add all the other characters onto that template as skins.

Rules: Since there will be very little in the ways of changing the actual movesets of Marth/Lucina, instead we will be focusing on which characters we will be adding as alternate skins as well as the reasons why these characters should be added above all others. Since Fire Emblem has over 16 games, it is nearly impossible to add specific characters from every single game or even to go over every single game. So instead, everything will be judged by the following criteria:

1: characters chosen must be from a Fire Emblem game.

2: characters chosen must be popular enough to be actually recognizable.

3: charterers must be alternating male and female characters (I.E. four males and four females).

4: characters must wield a sword as their main weapon.

I might, at some point, disobey rule 2 in favor of a character that I really like and want to see in full 3D action. the one I choose does not have to be popular or even well known, they just have to be from Fire Emblem. With that said, lets get into the choices.

Slot 1 and slot 2: there is no need to mince words here. The first slots will go to Marth and Lucina respectively. They are the faces of Fire Emblem and that should not be changed.

Slot 3: The second male character slot will be given to Seliph. Seliph is the main character in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. As a main character, I feel like he belongs here.

Slot 4: The second female slot will be given to Lyn. She is one of the main characters from Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade. She is also the single most popular Fire Emblem character from any game ever. To not include her would be tragic.

Slot 5: the fifth slot will be given to Leif from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. He is the main character of that game. Fun fact, There is a connection between that game and the game that Seliph is from.

Slot 6: this next slot will be given to Caeda. She is from the same game that Marth is from, and is another one of the main characters from that game.

Slot 7: I wanted to include a character from the Fire Emblem Mobile game, Fire Emblem: Heroes. Since this list is comprised mostly of main characters, I decided to go with Alfonse since he is the main character in Fire Emblem: Heroes.

Slot 8: As the final character, I decided to go with Eirika from Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones. She is the sister of the main protagonist and is the main female lead of that game. I think that she would be excellent as a final option for the Swordmaster template

Overall, I feel good about the choices for the Swordmaster template. As time goes on, Sakuri might want to add another character from Fire Emblem. When he does, he'll have a ready template to use.

That will be it for this post. The next time we visit Fire Emblem, we will be talking about the Halberdier template and what characters we will use for that. We will also be making a brand new move set to this character, although we will most likely use systems already in place for different Fire Emblem characters (Counters, mostly straight recoveries, etc.).

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you did, please share this with friends or leave a comment to give me advice on the characters. Until next time, stay bewildered.

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